Imam Services

Imam Services

Islamic Foundation Imams

Islamic Foundation has two resident Imams: Sheikh Nasser and Sheikh Hisham.  Both the Imams are available to provide Imam Services such as Shahada Services, Nikah Services, Religious Counseling, and Janazah Prayer.  Please reach out to them directly and schedule time based on their availability. 

Imam Hafiz Nasser Hussein

Imam Nasser Hussein is the Imam at Islamic Foundation and leads all the 5-daily prayers. He is a Hafiz from Al-Azhar in Egypt and is a Qari with Ijaza.  He has over 20 years of experience leading prayers, including Taraweeh prayers in Europe, Africa, and North America.

He has significant experience training and teaching many huffaz and was part of an extended Al-Azhar Hifz teaching program.  Most recently, Imam Nasser was Imam at a masjid in Kansas and joined the IF community at the end of last year.  Imam Nasser can be reached at 1.630.941.8800 ext. 1075 or

Imam Hisham Qaisi

Imam Hisham Qaisi is the Religious Activities Coordinator and Imam at Islamic Foundation. His pursuit of traditional Islamic sciences began in Jerusalem and continued under scholars in the US.  In addition, Imam Hisham has obtained bachelor’s degrees in Judaic Studies and English literature as well as a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Midwestern University. Imam Hisham offers regular office hours at Islamic Foundation. Imam Hisham can be reached at 1.630.941.8800 ext. 1007 or

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