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Islamic Foundation Bookstore


The Islamic Foundation Bookstore has one of the largest book collections from the most reputed muslim authors and publishers in theworld. The store has hundreds of valuable Islamic books for children as well as for Adults. Translations of Quran are available in most languages. Books and CDs on Tafseer of Quran and Hadith, and a large collection of Islamic Games and Puzzles for children is also available. In addition, the bookstore carries Prayer Rugs, Hijab's, Tasbee's, and other Gift Items. 

Please stop by the Bookstore on your next visit to Islamic Foundation!

Bookstore Contact Information

For more information please contact:

 Book Store Manager, Br. Farooq Mohsin at:

Phone: 630-941-8800 Ext.1011       Fax: 630-941-7329

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Bookstore Office Hours

Monday- Thursday
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