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Solicitation Policy              

Effective Date: April 8, 2013

 It is the policy of Islamic Foundation; to prohibit the solicitation of funds, the sale of goods, and distribution of printed materials on its premises by general public, commercial enterprises and organizations. Exception to this policy shall be as indicated herein. 


Islamic Foundation prohibits all direct or printed solicitation on its premises because, such activity has the potential for (a) endangering Foundation’s tax exempt status (b), impeding Foundation’s donations receipts, (c) interfering with the normal operations of the Foundation, (d) being bothersome to patrons and attendees of Foundation sponsored events, (e) exposing Foundation to legal liabilities.


The Director of Administration/Operations or his designee shall be responsible for enforcing of this policy.


Islamic Foundation may give permission to Islamic Organizations to place their solicitation flyer of small size in the Community Bulletin board situated in Masjid’s vestibule, in accordance with the following guidelines:   

  1. An Islamic Organization with 501 C (3) status with IRS, may request permission to display a 6” x 8” poster of their fundraising event, provided such request is submitted to the Director of Administration/Operations of the Foundation, sufficiently in advance of the event. After review by the Director or his designee and if deemed appropriate and in accordance with this policy, the said literature may be displayed in the bulletin board up to the date of the event, but, distribution of hand outs shall not be permitted. 
  1. Violation of this policy will not be tolerated and Foundation reserves the right to take appropriate measures to enforce this solicitation policy. 
  1. Members of community by requesting the Bookstore Manager may place a 4” x 6” size “For Rent” or “Baby Sitting” or “Help Wanted” ad for a period of one month. Such advertisers should understand that Islamic Foundation takes no responsibility for the authenticity of any Ad placed on the Community Bulletin Board 
  1. With the approval of the religious Affairs Committee, a recognized and well known organization may solicit donations at Islamic Foundation patrons, provided solicitation of funds are exclusively for helping the victims of natural disaster and, provided such efforts are not in violation of laws of United States. 

End of Policy