Shaykh Noman Appointed Resident Scholar

The Islamic Foundation is grateful to announce, after a rigorous national search and interview process, the selection of Shaykh Noman Hussain as the Resident Scholar of the Islamic Foundation.

Shaykh Noman Hussain was born and raised in the Chicagoland area. He began his pursuit of knowledge locally, and by the age of 11, he completed the memorization of the Qur’an. To further his learning in the Islamic sciences, Shaykh Noman traveled to South Africa where he graduated at the top of his class from Darul Uloom Zakariyya in Johannesburg, South Africa. He earned authorizations (Ijazah) in several Islamic sciences, including, but not limited to, the Arabic language, tafsir of the Holy Qur’an, hadith, and jurisprudence (fiqh).

Shaykh Noman also had the opportunity to specialize in tajwid and qira’at and has ijazah in the ‘ashara qira’at (ten modes of recitation).Upon his return from South Africa, Shaykh Noman moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he has been serving for the last 10 years. Shaykh Noman started the first full time hifdh program in Milwaukee, taught Islamic studies to high school students at Salam School there, and served as a guest lecturer at universities such as Marquette and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  He also served as a volunteer chaplain at the local hospitals and part of the leadership council of the Wisconsin Muslim Civic Alliance.Most recently, Shaykh Noman served as the Imam & Resident Scholar at the Islamic Society of Milwaukee in Brookfield, Wisconsin. He has been particularly active in interfaith initiatives, youth engagement, community outreach, and local civic engagements. He also facilitated the masjid certification initiative through MUHSEN and continues to be an advocate for individuals with special needs in his community. Shaykh Noman has also been honored to lead Hajj and umrah groups annually for the past decade.Alhamdulillah, Shaykh Noman has been married for 10 years and has five children. His mother and sisters reside in the Northwest suburbs, along with much of his extended family.

Insha’Allah, he will join Islamic Foundation on August 15th and will lead Imam Nasser Hussein and Hisham AlQaisi.

As a resident scholar, Shaykh Noman will engage in numerous activities including:

1. Deliver lectures, Jumu’ah Khutbah, youth/community programs and provide consultation to Islamic Foundation School & Weekend Schools
2. Provide consultation to community members by appointment
3. Provide counselling services to youth
4. Organize community activities
5. Invite scholars and leaders for educational and community events

Shaykh Noman can be reached on the contact information below

Noman Hussain


Work phone: 630-530-6308

630-941-8800 ext (1076)

Please remember Islamic Foundation in your duas.