IFS Girls’ Varsity Volleyball Team Brings Home Banner!

Thursday night October 17th, the Islamic Foundation School (IFS) girls varsity volleyball team was crowned as the Metro-Prep Conference Champions. This championship will mark the first time in many years any female varsity team has won at this level.

The match had to go to all three sets with Hinsdale Academy winning the first set and IFS winning the second set. The third set was beyond thrilling as the girls had to comeback from an 11-24 point deficit to win 33-31 (game has to be won by 2 pts).

The comeback was fueled by Nabiha who served 13 times in a row to bring our score from 11 pts to 24 pts and a chance to win. During that run, Isra had many saves, Sireen had 2 blocks, Layla H and Layla E and Salma made digs that really kept the spirit up while Amina and Kulsum were spiking from all over the court. The heart of this team continued to beat fiercely with Hala, Nusaybah and Sakina whose contributions go way beyond words. Noora, Fatima and Adna had hard serves that contributed to the win as well. With all the fight and will to win this game from all of these girls, Adna was awarded as the Most Valuable Player. Her consistency on the serve and her ability to trust her teammates to get the job done were some key factors in her earning this award.

We, the staff at IFS and parents, want the team to know how proud we are of their accomplishment and how they represented the school with humility and honor.

Let’s all congratulate and salute them for a job well done!!!