Islamic Foundation’s partnership with Muhsen

Islamic Foundation Villa Park is honored to have partnered with the nationwide organization MUHSEN in order to better serve the members of our community with special needs. Alhamdullilah, Islamic Foundation is a recipient of MUHSEN’s Silver Certification and is committed to make our masjid a place where all community members feel welcome and supported.

We are proud to provide the following services for our Special Needs community:

  • Wheelchair Accessible Ramps and Elevator
  • Automatic Door System
  • Accessible Areas for Wudu
  • Braille Qurans
  • Sunday Islamic School for children with special needs
  • Sign Language interpretation for select khutbahs
  • Support groups for family and caregivers

While Islamic Foundation strives to meet every need of our community, your input is crucial in determining what these requirements are. If you or a family member have special needs, please take a few minutes to complete the confidential MUHSEN Needs Assessment Survey.