Board of Trustees

Board Of Trustees

Islamic Foundation Board of Trustees

The management of Islamic Foundation is vested in a Board of Trustees.  There are currently 19 board members actively serving on the Board of Trustees and one board member emeritus.  All the Board of Trustees are volunteers and receive no compensation from Islamic Foundation.

Officers of the Board

Name Designation
Aftab Khan
Mohammed Yousaf Chaudhary
Vice Chairman
Khaja Mohiuddin
Muhammad Saeed Treasurer

Board of Trustees & Committee Chairpersons 

Name Designation
Abdul Rahman Yaqub Trustee
Aftab Khan Chairman, Board of Trustees
Chairperson, Human Resources
Chairperson, Facilities
Arshad Mirza Trustee
Arshad Zaheer Trustee
Ashraf Lakhany Chairperson, Governance Committee
Khaja Mohiumddin Secretary, Board of Trustees
Mohamed Moid Trustee
Mohammed Razaq Trustee
Mohammed Yousaf Chaudhary Vice Chairman, Board of Trustees
Chairperson, Religious Affairs
Chairperson, Nomination Committee
Muhammad Saeed Treasurer, Board of Trustees
Munir Choudhry Trustee
Najmuddin Saleem Trustee
Arshad Javed Trustee
Shahla Chaudhry Trustee
Saleem Shaikh Trustee
Sameena Shoukatullah Chairperson Women’s & Social Affairs Committee
Shaik Kaleem Chairperson, Communications & Technology Committee
Shakeel Rahman

Tanweer A. Mallick

Vice Chair, Facilities Committee


Zafar Farooq Chairperson, Full-time School & Youth Committees

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