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The mission of the Islamic Foundation Interfaith & Outreach Committee is to build long-lasting  relationships with our neighbors – whether they be communities, congregations, or individuals.    We aim to build bridges in order to share knowledge, foster understanding, and generate goodwill – with common respect among all of us as fellow Americans.

Despite negative perceptions or rhetoric that are all too common these days, we know that real trust and goodwill comes from individual interaction in the local community.   With that in mind, we continually aim to engage with our neighbors to learn from each other, to support one another, and to maintain an honest dialogue with each other.

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Islamic Foundation’s Interfaith Services committee has several community outreach programs as it relates to Interfaith dialog. Please contact Azam Nizamuddin at


Sunday March 17, 2019

Our Muslim sisters and brothers in Melbourne Australia laid 49 prayer mats in front of the State Library of Victoria during their vigil

Brothers and Sisters. Friends and Supporters. Peace be upon you.

We are immensely saddened to hear the news of the mass shootings at the New Zealand mosques. Our heartfelt prayers go out to all of the victims, their families and the communities that have been affected by this terrible tragedy. May God grant healing and patience to the families mourning their loved ones.

As a world community, we must reject violence against any group, particularly when it’s based on intolerance and bigotry. We must make sure that humanity triumphs over hate; and that love prevails over fear.

We are grateful for the outpouring of support from so many friends here in our local community. Please join us for our Solidarity Vigil at the Islamic Foundation this coming Sunday (3/17) at 6pm — and PLEASE SHARE this event with friends. Thank you for helping us stay positive. Together, our unity will shine light against the darkness.

The Interfaith Committee of the
Islamic Foundation

PS – families and children are welcome to attend

Please consider donating to the NZ victims at:

March 2018

Our Interfaith team posing with partners who presented this lovely gift to the Islamic Foundation

Our Interfaith team posing with partners who presented this lovely gift to the Islamic Foundation

A special thanks to the following for joining us at our Interfaith Partners Breakfast on March 10.

  • HOPE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH led by Pastor Jay Moses ( Hope Presbyterian Church  )
  • 1st PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF WHEATON led by congregants Jon Wylie and Denny Lawson ( First Presbyterian Church of Wheaton )
  • 1st CHURCH OF LOMBARD led by congregant Jeri Shaw ( First Church of Lombard UCC )
  • 1st PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF GLEN ELLYN led by congregant Erik Peterson ( First Presbyterian Church Glen Ellyn )

December 2017

Visit from the Unity Temple’s 7th and 8th grade Sunday school’s class and teachers.