Message from Chairman Aftab Khan


We are happy to announce the Re-opening of Islamic Foundation for Prayers on MondayJune 8th. The first two days we will have Zuhr prayer only.  Inshallah on Wed June 10th we will open for all 5 prayers and also two Jummah prayers.  Due to the State of IL guidelines, we are limited to 100 people in the building. Everyone needs to register their contact information and receive their QR code.  At the entrance you will be scanned for temperature and QR Code. We are limited to the first 100 individuals who check-in at the entrance. Please wear your masks and bring your prayer rug.

For Prayer Registration :

Islamic Foundation accepts your Zakat contributions and distributes it to the needy.  Please Donate your Zakat generously!  Last but not the least, Islamic Foundation runs from your donations and contributions.  Please Support your Foundation during these challenging times!  I encourage you all to follow the Coronavirus safety precautions and be safe.

Jazaka’Allah Khairan

Aftab Khan
Chairman, Board of Trustees