Message from Chairman Aftab Khan


Ramadan Mubarak to everyone! May you and your family have a safe and blessed Ramadan. Inshallah, Islamic Foundation will be holding tarawih prayers this year. Details will be published on our electronic media and announcements will be coming soon. For the continued health and safety of all our congregants, be sure to follow Islamic Foundation’s guidelines and kindly cooperate with the volunteers.

During this month of blessings and giving, please donate generously to the  Islamic Foundation and its masjid operating expenses.

Islamic Foundation accepts your Zakat contributions and distributes it to the needy.  Please Donate your Zakat generously!  Last but not the least, Islamic Foundation runs from your donations and contributions.  Please Support your Foundation during these challenging times!  I encourage you all to follow the Coronavirus safety precautions and be safe.

Jazaka’Allah Khairan

Aftab Khan
Chairman, Board of Trustees