Qur'an and Hifz Program


Through Islamic Foundation School’s Sacred Link: Iqra program, your child can read or memorize the Quran with correct tajweed, learn about concepts in the Quran, and develop Islamic character. Through time allowed for reading Quran with tajweed, praying in the mosque, discussing ahadith and duaas, and learning about Islamic character, your child will truly connect with the Quran and the valuable lessons from it.

Does my child have to be enrolled at IFS?

Your child does not have to be enrolled at IFS to take advantage of this valuable program! SL: Iqra is open to all students from any school!

When does this program occur?

The program occurs after school from 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday-Friday on all days the school is in session (for exact dates, please see the IFS academic calendar via ifsvp.org). This program is open to all children between ages 6 – 16.

Interested in more?

IFS has a robust Sacred Link program with many tracks. The tracks include full time hifdh, part-time hifdh, and dual hifdh. Students can memorize the Qur’an on a full-time basis (full day) or part-time (after school), which is open to students from any school. IFS students may participate in a dual-hifdh program (this allows your child to stay on track academically and spiritually).

Where can I find more information/enroll?

For the Sacred Link: Iqra program, please visit the school office.

⦁ For Sacred Link, please see: http://www.ifsvp.org/information-about-hifz-programs/

Who do I contact?

⦁ Please contact the IFS main office (630) 941-8800 ext 1000 and we will be happy to help!