Qur'an and Hifz Program

Islamic Foundation offers both Quran Recitation (Nazra) and Quran Memorization (Hifdh) programs.  The Hifdhprogram is offered through the Sacred Link program of Islamic Foundation School (IFS).  Students can memorize Qur’an on a full-time basis, participate in athletic activities, and have the option to enroll in Math and English classes so that they are well prepared to return back to school.  IFS is an accredited school by the ISBE and AdvancED and offers multiple options to students who would like to pursue Hifdhon a full-time or part-time basis.  For information regarding IFS’ Hifdhprogram and the various options available, please visit http://www.ifsvp.org/information-about-hifz-programs/.

The NazraProgram is administered by the Masjid and is held between 4:00 p.m. – 6 p.m. Monday-Friday on all days the Islamic Foundation School (IFS) is in session.  You can check the IFS academic calendar at www.ifsvp.orgunder the Academics tab.  This program is open to all children between ages 6 – 16.

⦁Completion of the Al -Qaidah-Noraniah (beginner level book that teaches how to read the holy Quran with tajweed)
⦁Must pass the pre-screening test prior to enrollment.
⦁Must be at least 6 to 16 years of age, born before Oct 31st.

Assessment for continuity:
⦁To remain in this program, there will be an assessment at the end of each academic quarter.
⦁Student goals will be assessed on an individual basis at the time of enrollment

What does the Quran program curriculums entail?
⦁The Program will focus on 3 key components:
⦁Tajweed – knowledge and application of the rules
⦁Memorization – memorization of the Holy Quran
⦁Basic etiquettes – How to behave in mosque, how to do wudu, how to pray etc.

How will my child be graded?
⦁The teacher will grade the students as they do routinely for all students in their class.
⦁Students will be graded on the following components:
⦁Hard work and motivation
⦁Word Pronunciation
⦁Completion of homework: It is the student’s responsibility to complete assigned homework. The homework will be assigned on an individual basis by mutual agreement between the parent, student, and teacher.
⦁Monthly progress reports are emailed to the parent/guardian

What are the minimal expectations of these programs for my child during the academic school year?
We realize that each student has a different learning and memorization pace, as well as different ability levels (with regards to previous Quran memorization, Arabic fluency, and knowledge of tajweed rules) present in the class composition. Students will be required to progress at a pace that is reflective of their own ability and comfort level.
Keeping the above mentioned differentiated instruction pedagogy in mind, there are minimal requirements that each child must complete by the end of school -year end.

Who are the teachers?

⦁Program has 4-6 dedicated teachers.
⦁There are some experienced Hafiz Quran teachers, Alima teachers for girls.
⦁Teaching for girls will be in main prayer hall for sisters.
⦁Teaching for boys will be in main prayer hall for brothers.

Where do I register/enroll?

All students are required to register beginning of the school year. Registration forms can be obtained from Islamic Foundation Book Store. There is $25.00 registration fees for each student. (Usually waived 1st week of new school year)

Fees: $100 per month  (calendar month). Due 1st of every month.

Who do I contact?

You can send an email to the following alias [email protected]  alternatively you can also reach out to one of the following individuals : Br. Abdul Baseer, Br. Naseer, Br. Ahmed Ali or Br. Farooq at the Bookstore.

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