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Dr. Hamid Ali Khan passes away!

Assalamu-Alaikum! Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilaihi Rajioon! It is with deep sadness we announce the passing away of our long term Board of Trustee, Dr. Hamid Ali Khan.  Dr. Khan passed away this morning at at the hospital due to heart ailment.  Dr. Hamid Ali Khan was 82,  served as an Orthopedic Surgeon and Board […]

3 Jummah Prayers at Islamic Foundation

Inshallah we will have 3 Jummah Prayers at Islamic Foundation (1 pm, 2 pm, and 3 pm). Jummah Capacity :  First Prayer 170, Second Prayer 170 and Third Prayer 100 Due to limited capacity, admission will be based on First Come First Served Basis Registration QR Code is required for admission If you don’t have […]

Volunteers Needed

Assalamu-alaikum! Inshallah, we are reopening Islamic Foundation for daily prayers and need volunteers at the entrance to scan temperature and QR Code for every prayer and Jummah.  If your are interested in volunteering please click on the following link and enter your information. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0F4CAAA82BA2F85-ifprayer

Contact Tracing Prayer Registration Instructions

Islamic Foundation Contact Tracing Registration: The following are the instructions on how to register your contact information before you come to masjid: You only need to Register once You only need to provide the following contact info:  Name, Age, Telephone/Mobile, and Email address Register by going to the following link:https://form.jotform.com/201547067500145 You will receive your QR […]

Islamic Foundation Open for 5 daily & 3 Jummah Prayers

Assalamu-Alaikum! Islamic Foundation is open to all 5 daily prayers and 3 Jummah Prayers since June 10, 2020.  Due to state of IL guidelines, we are operating with limited capacity.     Islamic Foundation has prioritized individual safety and availability of cleaning resources to ensure we offer a clean and disinfected environment for the worshipper. Here […]

Ramadan 2020 Virtual Programs

Due to the Covid-19 virus, Islamic Foundation is closed for all prayers and events. We have  created a few virtual programs during the month of Ramadan. The daily recitation schedule provided below is our recommend progression to complete a Khatm (full recitation of the Quran) at home. Families are encouraged to pray Tarawih night vigil prayers […]

Ramadan 2020 Announcement

Brothers & Sisters, Assalamu-Alaikum! Islamic Foundation has decided to follow ISNA’s Fiqh Council of North America (FCNA) to determine the first day of Ramadan 1441H and first day of Shawwal 1441H.  According to ISNA’s Fiqh Council, the first day of Ramadan 1441H will be on Friday, April 24, 2020 and first day of Shawwal/Eid ul-Fitr […]