Moon Sighting Policy

Islamic Foundation Policy on Determining the Beginning and Ending of Islamic Months

The Islamic Foundation Board of Trustees with the assistance of the Religious Affairs Committee have deliberated into the methodology that Islamic Foundation should adopt to make decisions on the beginning and ending of Islamic months.  Based on the advice of scholars, the practice of our community who offer prayers at the Islamic Foundation regularly, and the practices of other mosques in the nearby surroundings, the Islamic Foundation Board of Trustees have approved the following:

  • Islamic Foundation will determine the beginning and ending of Islamic months based on regional moonsighting.
  •  Islamic Foundation will announce the beginning of all Islamic months, including Muharram, Ramadan, Shawaal, and Dhul-Hijjah based on the decision of The Chicago Hilal Committee (

Security at Islamic Foundation


Assalamu-alaikum!  Community Members !
In response to the terrible news of attacks against the mosque in New Zealand today, the Islamic Foundation is taking measures for increased security at the school and Jumah prayer services today. We encourage our community to be careful as well and review safety plans with your family.
We have arranged for additional armed security on the Islamic Foundation campus today to patrol the school and Masjid. Allah is the best protector and we submit ourselves to the will of our Provider.
Please talk to your family, spend time with loved ones, appreciate our blessings, and pray for the lives lost and families they leave behind in New Zealand.
           Aftab Khan
           Chairman, Islamic Foundation

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